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Bluffing can be a useful strategy consideration when employed correctly; The astute player will always consider the reasons for bluffing and make sure that his or her reason for bluffing in a particular situation are valid. Some of the reasons for bluffing include, but are not limited to, wanting to provide deception to disguise the true value of a particular poker hand, the desire to force out another player, or simply to mix up one's play and throw opponents off.

Betting Strategies can be varied, but should should be built upon the simple idea that, by betting, the player can take control of the hand.  By betting, as opposed to checking, the bettor may force out a particular opponent who is not prepared to call the bet. This is especially valuable when the bettor does not hold much of a hand, either.  It is said that 'betting provides equity' and this is an example of exactly what this statement means.

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Pre-Flop Strategy for Texas Hold'Em is especially important because the basis of playing winning Texas Holdem necessitates that pre-flop decisions are correct. Pre-flop strategy becomes even more important during the later stages of No Limit Texas Holdem tournaments as the escalating blinds and antes account for an ever-increasing percentage of a player's remaining stack...

Common Poker Terms that need to be understood by all beginners are discussed and defined in detail in our online poker dictionary. Learn what all the poker jargon that you commonly hear on the World Poker Tour and ESPN actually means. From the definition of the Blind Structure in Texas Holdem to what a Kill Pot is, you can only improve your understanding and enjoyment for the game of poker by reading our dictionary of commonly used poker terms.....

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Poker has finally hit the mainstream and hit it in a big way. Constant television exposure has placed poker in front of millions of potential new players and brought the game we all know and love into our homes. No longer is poker relegated to some backroom or to the rear area of the casino.  Poker has exploded and is at the forefront of television and the Internet. The World Poker Tour (WPT) and ESPN are two.... 

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