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ACTION: a) The act of betting (as in a player's turn to act) b) Getting called c) The act of playing poker.

AGGRESSIVE ACTION: A player who bets or raises with a high frequency.

ALL-IN: When a player has bet all of his or her chips.

ANTE: A bet that is made prior to a poker hand being dealt.

BET: The act of placing money into the pot.

a) The player two places to the left of the Button b) A blind bet made in button games that is usually equal to the lower betting limit.  Example: Playing 5-10 Limit Texas Holdem, the Big Blind would post 10 dollars before being dealt his cards.

BLIND: A forced bet that is made prior to being dealt any cards.

BLIND GAME: Any game that uses a blind structure.

BOARD:  The community cards shared by players in a poker hand.

BROKEN GAME: A game that has ended.

BURN CARD: A card that is taken off the deck and placed face-down to the right of the dealer, but NOT dealt to any players.  It is used to keep track of the street.

BUTTON: A plastic disk that rotates around the poker table and designates where the dealer is.

BUTTON GAMES:  Any poker games that uses buttons (i.e. Hold'em, Omaha)

BUY-IN: The amount of chips that must be purchased prior to sitting down in a poker game.

CALIFORNIA LOWBALL: Ace-to-five lowball played with a single Joker in the deck.

CARDS SPEAK: Refers to the fact that even if a player misstates his or her hand, as long as the cards are exposed at the end of a hand the highest hand wins the pot.

CAPPED: Describes the situation in which no more betting can occur due to the fact that the maximum number of bets and raises has occurred.

CHECK: The act of NOT betting. 

CHECK-RAISE: To check and then raise an opponent who has bet AFTER you have checked.

COLLECTION: The amount taken out of the game to pay house expenses.  

COLLECTION DROP: The act of removing the collection from play. 

COLOR CHANGE: Exchanging higher denomination chips for lower denomination chips or vice versa.

COMMON CARD: A card that is used by all players.  This occasionally occurs in Seven Card Stud when there are not a sufficient number of cards left in the deck to deal a single card to each of the remaining players in the hand.

COMMUNITY CARDS: The cards that are shared by all players. (See also: BOARD CARDS)

COMPLETE THE BET: To raise to the maximum allowable limit at that time.

CUT: To insert a plastic card into a deck, or shoe, of playing cards.

CUT-CARD: Another term for the plastic card inserted into a deck of playing cards.

DEAD CARD: A card that has been exposed during a hand and thus removed from play.

DEAD HAND: A hand that can no longer contest the pot.

DEAD MONEY: Chips that are forced into the pot.

DEAL: To deliver cards to players in a poker hand.

DEALER BUTTON: A plastic disk that rotates around the table in Blind Games and indicates the Dealer's position during each hand.

DECK: A package of 52 cards used in poker games.

DISCARD (S): In Drawing Games, players may replace unwanted cards in their hands.  The discarded cards are called discards.

DOWN CARDS: Cards that are dealt face-down.

DRAW:  The act of discarding unwanted cards in drawing games and taking, or drawing, replacement cards.

FACE CARD: A card of rank, Jack, Queen or King.

FIXED LIMIT: A pre-set betting limit, usually indicated by an upper and lower range.  In fixed limit games, bets can ONLY BE the lower or upper limit and not an amount in between the two.

FLASHED CARD: A card that has been accidentally exposed.

FLOOR PERSON: A person who monitors poker games and settles disputes between players.

FLOP: In Hold'em or Omaha, the FLOP is the first three BOARD CARDS dealt.

FLUSH: A poker hand consisting of 5 cards of any ranks all of the same suit.

FOLD: To throw your hand away.

FOURTH STREET: The fourth exposed card dealt in Stud Games.  Also referred as the TURN in Flop Games.

FORCED BET: A bet that must be made.  Usually this is a Blind.

FREEROLL: A tournament that does NOT require a Buy-In

FULL HOUSE: A poker hand consisting of a three-of-a-kind and a pair.

HAND: A collection of cards.

HEADS-UP PLAY: Only two players playing one on one.

HOLE CARDS: The cards that other players can NOT see.

JOKER: A card that can represent any other card in the deck.  Used in some lowball and Draw games. 

KICKER: The next-highest card in a players hand.  Example: A pair of Aces with a King - the King would be considered the KICKER.

KILL (OR KILL BLIND): A forced bet that is made prior to the next hand being dealt by the WINNER of the previous hand.  Usually the bet is twice the existing betting limit. 

KILL BUTTON: A button that indicates the current hand will be played at twice the existing betting limit and designates who shall contribute the extra funds into the pot.

KILL POT: The pot that develops during a KILL HAND.

LIST: The names of players who are waiting for a seat to become available in a poker game. 

LOCK-UP: The act of asking the Floor Person to hold an available seat.

LOWBALL: A poker game in which the LOWEST hand wins.  There are several different variations.

LOW CARD: The lowest up-card in 7 Card Stud.

MISCALL: To incorrectly state your hand. 

MISDEAL: A mistake by the dealer that warrants the re-shuffling and re-dealing of the current poker hand.

MISSED BLIND: A blind that was not put into the pot (posted) due to a player being absent from the table when it became their turn to put up the blind.  This player will be responsible for putting these chips into the next pot he or she plays.

MUCK:  The pile of folded or discarded cards.

MUST-MOVE: A game in which players are required to be transferred to another game when a seat becomes vacant in that game.

NO-LIMIT: The absence of a Fixed Betting Limit.  Players may bet all of their available chips at any given time. 

OPENER: The first player to bet.

OPTION: The choice whether to check or bet. 

PASS: The act of checking or not being able to OPEN.

PAT: Not drawing any cards in DRAW.

PLAY THE BOARD: Having a poker hand that can NOT improve on the community or BOARD CARDS and the hand they represent. 

POSITION:  A players spot, or location, among all players contesting a given pot.

POT-LIMIT:  A limit in which players may bet or raise up to the amount of the pot at any given time.

POTTING OUT: Betting the pot.

PROPOSITION BETS: Side bets that do not have anything to do with the actual poker being played.

RACK:  A plastic carrier to hold poker chips.

RAISE: The act of increasing the amount bet by another player. 

RAKE: A fixed percentage withheld from every pot to pay of casino or poker room expenses.

RE-RAISE: To raise a player who has already raised.

ROYAL FLUSH: A STRAIGHT FLUSH consisting of 10, J, Q K, and A.

SAVING BETS: The act of not putting money in the pot when it may be ill considered. 

SCOOP: To win both the High and Low portion of the pot in split-pot or Hi-Lo games.

SIDE POT: An additional pot that is created when one player is all-in and can not match the bets of two or more remaining players who are also contesting the pot.

SHORT BUY: Buying-in for a lower amount than what would most-likely be needed to adequately play at the given stakes.  Also, buying in for the MINIMUM Buy-In. 

SHOWDOWN: The act of showing hands for comparison to determine the winner.

SHUFFLE: The act of mixing the cards prior to dealing.

SMALL BLIND: In Button Games, this is a forced bet.  It also refers to the player who is seated directly to the left of the Dealer Button.

SPLIT POT: A pot that is awarded equally to two players.  This is most often seen in Split Pot games where the High Hand is awarded half of the pot and the Low Hand is awarded the other half.

STACK: The chips in front of each player.

STRADDLE: An additional blind that is posted to the left of the Big Blind.

STRAIGHT: Five sequential cards of mixed suits.

STRAIGHT FLUSH: Five sequential cards of the same suit.

STREET: Cards that are dealt individually after the initial deal in Stud or the Flop in HoldEm.

SUPERVISOR: An employee of the casino or poker room who is responsible for settling any disputes that can not be settled by the Floor Person.

TABLE STAKES: Players are allowed to bet all of their available chips.  See also: No Limit.

"TIME": Paying a certain fixed amount at set time intervals (usually every half hour) to the casino.  Time is sometimes used at higher limits as opposed to the RAKE. 


TOURNAMENT: A poker competition in which all players are given an equal amount of chips to start play and players are eliminated as limits increase at fixed time intervals.

TURN CARD: The card dealt after the Flop in Hold'Em and Omaha.  Also called FOURTH STREET.

WAGER: To place a bet.

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