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Limit Texas Holdem

Limit Hold'em - This is the most popular at casinos and cardrooms in CA and NV. There is a fixed betting amount so if someone bets, raises, or calls the increments are predefined. For example at a $5/10 limit hold'em game you bet and raise in increments of $5 for preflop and on the flop, then $10 for the turn card and river card.

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The chat box that appears in most online Poker games can be a dead give-away. I've been in games where players would jump on the chat box as soon as they read their cards and had a good hand. They're happy and they want to share their good feelings with others. A shrewd Poker player absorbs this information and uses it to gain a playing edge.

I've also seen players who would jump on and cuss the cards whenever he thought he'd received something good: he's trying to lull the other players into thinking they've got him beat. Same story: use what you know about his playing style to beat him and take his money.