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Why Play Poker Online?

There are many different reasons for playing online poker.  In this article, will attempt to analyze the reasons why Internet poker has become so popular and look at the pros and cons of playing poker for real money online.

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Online poker provides a convenience that few players have ever experienced.  Although casinos and poker rooms have been expanding their locations throughout the world, there is still a large portion of the population that can not easily get to a casino or card room in a reasonable amount of time.  These individuals, until recently, had to be content with playing in home poker games and maybe, if they were lucky, making an actual trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City or California once or twice a year.

Now, we are not saying anything against home poker games, but these home games usually consist of the same group of players who, for the most part, remain at the same skill level.  Other players in these games are not being challenged and may also remain stagnant at their current level of poker skill. Players in home games, especially if they are better than their opponents and winning, often remain at the same level of skill and become complacent.  Without the challenge of facing new opponents the likes of which could be found at Party Poker, for instance there is no reason for these players to improve their game.  Why should they?  And unless a player is extremely motivated to study and read the poker literature they will remain at their current level of skill without improving their game.  So, by playing online these home game players will be exposed to a whole new, ever-changing faction of poker players of all skill levels.  The home player will be forced to adjust to the different playing styles encountered online and also forced to improve in order to survive when confronted with the sometimes stiffer competition.

It is not only the skill levels of home-game poker players that may remain constant, sometimes the games themselves never change.  Home players may not be exposed to all of the different and new variations of poker that they would be at an Internet poker site, such as Ignition Poker Room, which has a tremendous amount of different games all going on, simultaneously.  Online sites enable players to test new games and to often learn a new poker game by using play money so that there is really no financial risk.

Most sites, like Americas Cardroom have an excellent mix of both Play Money and Real Money games, as well as poker tournaments that run around the clock.  Even poker players who live near a cardroom are not always able to participate in the poker tournaments at that casino due to scheduling or other obligations.  All of the major online poker rooms have consistent tournaments that range from single table satellites to multi-table tournaments (MTTs) from buy-ins ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars all hours of the day and night.

So, as you can see there are many advantages to playing poker online.  But there are a few drawbacks, as well and any article on the benefits of Internet poker wouldn't be complete without analyzing the few negatives that can also be associated with online play.

First off, the main advantage of playing poker online is the convenience of being able to boot up your home computer and have access to hundreds of poker games going on 24/7.  However, what can be first seen as a convenience can turn into an addiction.  The poker games that are so easily accessible from your home or work computer are always there, always tempting you to play.  There is no longer the physical act of driving, or in some cases, flying to a casino so players are more apt to 'just lay for a little while'.  Sometimes a 'little while' can turn into many long hours, leading players to play when tired and causing some players to make poor decisions.  When playing poker online for real money, this can be detrimental to the bankroll.

Internet poker players also must strive to maintain a balanced life and manage their emotions and finances even better than when being confronted by live opponents.  It is often easier to go on tilt and blow off a large amount of cash when you are doing it anonymously.

Online poker, also, does no afford the player the advantage of seeing their opponents face-to-face so spotting tells becomes more difficult.  Finally, the camaraderie that you find at some live poker games is missing and, other than an occasional comment in the online poker room's chat box, you probably won't enjoy a fun, friendly atmosphere like you might when playing in a live poker game or tournament.

The end result is that there are a lot of reasons why we play poker online and most of them are positives, just be aware of some of the negatives and you should be set to give it a try.  

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